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Childhood obesity and disease risk…When to start prevention?

Childhood obesity increasing prevalence is a threat to the world’s health systems, and it is becoming a big concern among public health programmers. Pediatricians are facing the problem of chronic disease early in life, where dyslipidemia, hypertension and non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus are seen in most obese children. Not to mention the ill consequences in bone and joint deformation and the psychosocial implications of living as an obese child, which may remain even if not becoming an obese adult. Nevertheless, it is not clear when does disease start to develop and how the causal factors interact to initiate the morbid states mentioned above and therefore when to start prevention.... Read more

Obesity and overweight in Mexico

One of the activities in which Mexico has been superior to the US was soccer, but even that has changed in recent years. Mexico has, however, managed very recently to beat the US in something else. But don’t get excited, as we are not (yet) the first economy in the world. Instead, we are talking about being obese and overweight. Mexico now holds the first place in the world for obesity and overweight rates in the world, followed by the US who held that place for a long time. A year ago, BBC news reported that in ten years, 90% of the population in Mexico could suffer from obesity and overweight. Today, that future does not seem so far away. In 2010, seven out of ten adults in Mexico are either obese or overweight, and the panorama looks even worst for children.... Read more

Functional Foods

What we eat appears to have a great role in the prevention and development of many health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and others. The industry of functional foods has been growing in the middle of the economic recession, contrary to what many experts thought. Among the reasons for this growth is the increased consumer health awareness and their interest in maintaining good health and preventing health problems.... Read more