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The Positive Role of Nitrite in Human Health

Sodium and/or potassium nitrite has experienced a very long and somewhat checkered history as a meat curing ingredient and preservative. The first use of meat curing for preserving meat was undoubtedly done with nitrate and occurred so long ago that it has been impossible to determine when it actually began. However, there is written evidence that the Greeks and Romans utilized saltpeter (nitrate) as a meat curing agent. The best estimates available suggest that nitrite and nitrate have been used for some 5,000 years to cure and preserve meat. It is believed that meat curing with nitrate was first discovered as a result of adding salt contaminated with saltpeter (potassium nitrate) to meat and observing that, in addition to improved preservation, a unique color and flavor resulted from this process. The bottom line is that this process has been around for a long, long time.... Read more

Functional Foods

What we eat appears to have a great role in the prevention and development of many health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and others. The industry of functional foods has been growing in the middle of the economic recession, contrary to what many experts thought. Among the reasons for this growth is the increased consumer health awareness and their interest in maintaining good health and preventing health problems.... Read more

Fruit and vegetable consumption is good for health, but …

Increasing incidences of some chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, especially in industrial countries, have raised a lot of awareness in the last few years regarding the importance of diet. It is estimated that one third of the cancer cases and up to half of cardiovascular disease rates are thought to be diet related. Many studies have shown mounting evidence that people who avoid fruit and vegetables completely, or consume very little, are indeed at increased risk of these diseases. Therefore, interest in the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption is increasing, fruit and vegetable consumption in many countries has increased, and therefore fruit and vegetable production has certainly increased.... Read more